Premium Tile Roofing for Raleigh Homes & Businesses

Tile roofing is by far one of the most versatile and performance driven roofing materials on the market today. The reason for its popularity, for both residential and commercial properties, comes from the incredible variety of sizes, shapes, and colors it comes in. The makeup of tile roofing varies but typically it is made from materials like clay, concrete or slate—all of which equals a performance other roofing materials simply cannot match.

Tile Roofing: Durability that Stands the Test of Time

Beyond the copious design choices that tile roofing offers customers, come many other benefits that make it an incredibly attractive roofing material here in Raleigh and across the US.  Its sturdy composition makes it incredibly durable, while the weight of the tile itself contributes to its ability to resist high winds and storms. Repairs on tile roofing are relatively simple and it is easily repaired by experienced roofing contractors, like us here at United Roof Pros.  A water-resistant product, it simply makes sense for homes and commercial buildings here in the Raleigh/Durham areas.

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Experience Significant Cost Savings with a Tile Roof

Tile roofs are the most energy efficient primarily due to the materials tiles are made from–natural, raw materials which give them fantastic thermal resistant. Also, the pattern in which tiles are laid during installation actually provides an extra barrier of protection to your residential or commercial property.  Materials like clay and concrete in tile roofs are economical choices but still offer a long lifespan due to their noteworthy durability. Best of all, this dependable roofing option requires very little maintenance, so you typically won’t have to worry about expensive repairs throughout the life of your roof.

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Tile roofing is as lovely as it is tricky to install. Therefore,  an expert-level installer, like United Roofing Pros, is required for the job.  Our knowledgeable team knows exactly how to properly install tile roofing of any and all make-ups for maximum durability and spectacular style.  Not only do we offer a wide variety of tile roofing products for the Raleigh area but, nearly any other type of roofing material for both residential and commercial applications too. Contact us today about your tile roofing and to learn more about our process, pricing or to get a free estimate. Our experienced roofing team is here to serve you.

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We understand that the process of installing new roofing can be overwhelming and you might have many questions. Roofing repair and replacement should not be a headache for the customer. We would be delighted to help you work through this process. Contact us today for a free estimate and let our dedicated team of knowledgeable Raleigh a roofing professionals show you how seamless the roofing process can be.

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