A Full Selection of Flat & Low Slope Roofing Options for Raleigh

Flat and low-sloped roofs always require special considerations that pitched roofs do not.  The angle, or lack thereof, of these types of roofs, means they do not shed water like a pitched roof. Because of this, flat and low-sloping roofs take extra wear over time.  So, the type of roofing materials for this type of roof absolutely must be able to withstand an excess of standing water. Some of the most common types of flat/low-slope roofing materials are single layer membrane, modified bitumen, and built-up roof materials.

Flat/Low Slope Roofs- Single & Double Layer Membrane

Single layer membrane roofing is, as it sounds,  a single layer of roofing membrane stretched across the complete span of a roof. These membranes come in a variety of materials, of which, synthetic rubber called EPDM is the most common. Another type of low-slope material is modified bitumen roofing. This is a polymer-reinforced roofing layer, referred to as a cap sheet in most cases. Every application of modified bitumen roofing is customized to match the individual material and roof type. In order to properly match your roofing material to a cap sheet, an experienced roofing professional is a must.  At United Roofing Pros we have the know how to determine whether your existing membrane is functional, if it needs replacement and precisely what to replace it with. We are happy to provide you with an assessment of your existing membrane and its condition during the first phase of roofing repair or replacement.

GAF Liberty SBS Application Instructions
GAF Liberty SBS Low Slope Roofing Instructions
GAF Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Low Slope Roofing Data Sheet

Built Up Roofing for Flat/Low Slope Roofs

For increased strength and weather protection, built-up roofing for your flat or low-slope roof is a very good option.  Built-up roofing for flat and low slope roofs is done in response to the low angle of flat or low slope roofing and is a way to mitigate issues from having this style roof. Built-up roofing is done in several layers to create one monolithic membrane. Then, the thickness of the roofing material itself allows for increased durability and sustainability. This layering technique is done to increase the thickness of each layer after they are individually applied. The benefits of this type of treatment, beyond just better water protection, is overall added strength to light exposure and other trying natural elements.

A Flat/Low Slope Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Flat and low-slope roofing is definitely not a task for the inexperienced as improper installation could permanently damage your home or commercial spaces underlying structure and cost you big time in repairs.  Which is why, using contractors like our team at United Roofing Pros, is critical to your low-sloped roofing system’s success. We have decades of experience in these types of roofs, which means you get the benefit of our hard-won skills and extraordinary customer service from start to finish as well.  Our high-quality brands of roofing system include industry leaders such as GAF, Atlas Roofing, CertainTeed, and more. Find out why customers we have made such a fantastic name for ourselves here in Raleigh/Durham and why customers come back to us again and again by reach out to United Roofing Pros for more information and to schedule a free estimate today.

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