Shingles Roofing: A Beautiful, Versatile Look for Raleigh Properties

Shingles are the singularly most common roofing material in the US.  In fact, many, if not most, homes today use shingles as their preferred roofing choice because they are affordable, accessible and durable.   You see them on homes and commercial spaces here in Raleigh and across the country and they are an incredibly effective option for your Raleigh residential or commercial structure. At United Roofing Pros, we are incredibly competent with shingle roof installation and as the foremost experts in shingle roof installation here in Raleigh, we are the company to come to when you want the job done right.

Options for Shingles Roofs

Traditionally shingles are made from fiberglass, cellulose, or wood. This means a solid variety of styles and price points to choose from when you decide to use shingles. As it were, composition shingles (or shingles made from fiberglass or cellulose) are the most popular option on the market today.  However, wood shingles are a great option when looking fora cost-effective insulation material. Beautiful and extremely resilient roofing wood shingles have many advantages for those on a budget.

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Advantages of Owning a Shingled Roof In Raleigh

Shingles are a very popular option due to the sheer fact that they are extremely affordable.  Moreover, shingles are available in many varieties of styles and colors, which means Raleigh roofing customers are able to match their home style with a shingle style in almost every instance. Should a shingled roof need repairs, replacement can be done with ease, meaning potentially costly roof repairs are mostly avoidable. Not only are shingles economical but they are a durable roofing material of note as well.  Shingles are well known to be somewhat fire-retardant which, is always a good thing for a home feature. Smart homeowners understand that making an investment in shingles for their roofs in Raleigh means an abundance of style options, fantastic durability, safety, and easy, no-hassle installation too.

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Our team at United Roofing Pros is second to none when it comes to residential and commercial shingle roof installation. We offer more brands than nearly any roofing contractor in the Raleigh area including GAF, TAMKO, CertainTeed, and most other reputable brands.  Contact us today to learn more about our breadth of shingle brands and to speak to one of our professional staff to learn more about the estimate and installation process and to better understand why, in a sea of Raleigh roofing contractors, we stand out for our excellence.

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