Roofing Repairs In Raleigh

All roofing eventually needs to be replaced but most of the time roofs really only need repair.  Putting off a roofing repair too long, however, could lead to needing total roofing replacement–even on newer roofs.  For this reason, it is critical to not only make sure you have regular roof inspections (twice per year) but also have the recommended roofing repairs done, as suggested by your contractor.   Here in Raleigh, the weather and humidity mean more frequent small repairs, which are actually a good thing, since it will ultimately mean a longer life for your roof.

What Type of Home Roof Repair Are Most Common In Raleigh?

Roof repairs due to moisture are common.  What is more common, in our experience, is needing to correct a mistake from faulty installation.   So, be cautious about who you hire. A professional roofing contractor will directly affect the longevity and look of your roofing investment.  Furthermore, because the weather here in Raleigh is so wet, be sure to have repairs done as soon as you need them. Wet weather and leaking water are the main reason roofs here in Raleigh need repairs.  Other common roofing repairs range from the very quick and easy to much larger-scale projects. 

Signs You Need Roof Repair

Roof Leaks: Definitely the most common issue with roofing, this can be caused by broken shingles, missing tiles, or even cracked flashing.  This type of damage is usually fairly easy to fix but could require extensive repairs to the underlying structure if left unremedied.

Pooled Water On Roofs: This type of damage eventually lead to leaks and while it is not uncommon, often is the fault of a contractor who did not properly apply or use flat or low slope roof solutions.

Punctures and Holes In The Roofing: This type of damage usually leads to a roof becoming leaky.  The cause can be pests or an inexperienced contractor walking on the shingles of your roof or flashing.  Either way, this is something to fix in order to prevent rot and mold.

Cracking, curling or Blistering Of Shingles: The quality of your shingles plays a big role in whether or not your shingles crack or blister and how long they take to do so.  However, the weather is also a huge factor. If you live in a very sunny area or one with frequent freezes, shingles will simply blister and crack more often

The best part about regular roof repairs is that you catch issues early when the problems are easy to fix.  So, routine maintenance is a good way to keep something minor from turning into something very expensive. The truth is–a roof problem will not go away on its own–it will only get bigger and more costly.  So for best results, stick to a regular maintenance schedule and always have the recommended repairs done as suggested by your trusted roofing contractor partner.

 Roof Repairs For Raleigh Commercial Properties

Raleigh commercial buildings are at risk for more money loss due to roofing issues than residential structures.  This is because they often have tenants who end up suffering from the loss of business or property when problems like roof leaks arise from a damaged roof.  While things like leaks, cracked shingles, and punctures on roofing are a problem for any structure, these problems are much more exaggerated in a commercial building.

Commercial Roofing Tends to Be Flat or Low Slope

Many commercial buildings, especially apartment buildings and highrises, have a low slope or flat roofs.  Meaning standing or pooling water are inherent issues. At United Roof Pros in Raleigh, we are well acquainted with the water pooling issues commercial buildings face and therefore offer strong and reliable low-slope and flat roof solutions to keep commercial roofing water issues in check.  Roofing coatings, built-up roofing, and single layer membranes are all answers to commercial flat roof issues.

Commercial Roofing Often Is Not Insulated Properly

Improper insulation on a roof is almost always an issue stemming from a contractor mistake.  It usually was either a cut-corner on costs from the contractor or former owner. The good news is, roofing insulation can be retro-fitted to most roofs. This type of roof repair is a sound financial investment because you make your Raleigh building warmer or cooler (depending on the season ) and save a  fair amount of money in utilities too. 

Flat Roof Or Low Slope Roof Repairs

Having a low slope or flat roof inevitably means more maintenance over the life of your roof.  However, there are some very powerful solutions to water pooling and preventing rot available today:  single layer membranes, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing. Still, issues with these types of roofs are still common due to pooling water and build up of snow and ice. Because of this low slope and flat roofs show more wear and tear faster.  However, when issues arise with low or flat slope roofing, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need an entirely new roof. Repairs to flashings, seams, attachment points, and cracks are all ways to extend the life of your Raleigh flat or low slope roof.  It really boils down to having regular seasonal roof inspections and being stringent on maintenance.

United Roofing Pros Raleigh For Fast, Durable Roof Repairs

For repairs on your Raleigh roof, commercial or residential, a trusted contractor is the key to long term success.  Finding a contractor you can rely on to help you to come up with a regular inspection schedule and a long-term maintenance plan is a very good idea.  Through documentation, pictures, and a regular relationship, you and your roofing contractor can stave off expensive replacement. Here at United Hail Pros, we approach every inspection as a gateway to a long-term partnership, the end goal of which is to keep your roof and home protected.   Contact us today to learn more about our free consultations and pricing on everything from roof replacement to repairs.

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