Roofing Replacement In Raleigh

Roof replacement is something most people put off because it is incredibly expensive and requires a bit of “downtime” for your home.  This makes perfect sense, except, the fact of the matter is–it is better to replace the roof of your Raleigh residential or commercial structure as soon as signs of problems occur.  This protects the well-being of your building and your home’s underlying support structures. The way to stay a step ahead, first and foremost, is to get regular roof inspections. Because you can never know too much about the health of your roof.  Your roof is a very important part of your Raleigh home’s overall structure and being up-to-date with the status of it on a regular basis could save you from costly (and needless) repairs. As roofing specialists, we suggest getting a roofing inspection, at least once, but more likely twice per year, so you can get a feel for the rate of deterioration, upcoming issues, and a good idea of when your roof may need replacement.

Replacing your roof right when it is time will actually save you money

Replacing your roof when it shows signs of aging or deterioration before you get extensive damage–is a very good way to keep total home improvement costs low.  A roof that “kind of” works is not a sound strategy to prevent damage to the underlying structures. Happily, most of the time repairs are the right option on most roofs but over time replacement will become your only option.

The right contractor will make the roof replacement process hassle free

As any homeowner knows,  having contractors working on your property, even outside replacing a roof, is disruptive.  There is the noise, then the mess and even the very real potential for lost work days on your part.  However, a reputable contractor with experienced crews, like us at United Roofing Pros Raleigh, should always:

  1. Minimize overall disruption from worker noise
  2. Give you a solid start and end time for the project and stick to it
  3. Keep the area relatively orderly and somewhat accessible
  4. Leave the site mess free when finished

When Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

The exact time for a roof replacement, outside of total failure, is a somewhat subjective thing.  It is based on a combination of the client’s needs and budget. The age of the roof and input from the roofing contractor based on their experience. However, there are a few rules of thumb that are generally agreed upon industry-wide by contractors and roofing material manufacturers and most homeowners too.  Depending on what type of material covers your roof, replacing a roof is pretty standard at about 15- 20 years. However, this is just a general rule and applies mostly to asphalt shingle roofs. Composite shingles and/or roofs made out of metal, tile or slate, are known to last a bit longer when properly cared for. So, 20 years is a good rough estimate for a roof replacement on your Raleigh home and/or commercial space.  But be aware it could be + or – 5 years, depending on how well it was installed, to begin with. After all, even the best materials fail when improperly installed. Also, consistently poor weather plays a big role in the wear and tear of your Raleigh roof.

Signs your roof may be in need of repairs:

  1. Attic stains 
  2. Mildew, leaking
  3. Curling of shingles
  4. Missing or bald shingles
  5. Broken tiles
  6. Profuse algae growth

Raleigh Home Roof Replacement

Besides the actual cost of your home, replacing your roof is likely the biggest investment you will make throughout the life of your house.  It should, therefore, be a process that is well researched and your contractors thoroughly vetted. After all, your roof is the first line of defense against the notorious damp North Carolina weather.  It is also one of the most prominent design features of any house and one you want to keep looking good for years to come. Also, when it comes to the roof of your Raleigh home the trust level between your roofing contractor is critical.  Here at United Roofing Pros Raleigh, we understand that our work has a far-reaching impact on the long term “health” of your entire home and resale implications as well. 

Commercial Roofing Replacement In Raleigh

Commercial buildings are a place where roof replacements absolutely need to be done in a timely manner because there are more parties usually involved.   Failing to replace your roof when it needs to be replaced has much deeper implications for you, the building owner because your building houses tenants. A leak from a commercial roof,  for example, could devastate the occupants of your building should it damage expensive equipment, furnishings, and decor. It could also cause your tenants downtime and your rent revenue too.  Furthermore, if you don’t have the roof repaired or replaced with due diligence, you may be legally responsible for damages and required to pay for them. With so much at stake, in large part due to the extreme moisture here in Raleigh, commercial roofs need more attention. They get a lot of wear and tear from rain, wind, and humidity so replacement here simply needs to be done more often.  Likely, a properly cared for roof on a commercial investment both protects not only your building but your tenants and your profit margin. Also, a new roof is an energy efficient roof. So, the money you save in heating and cooling expenses could very well help offset the cost of your Raleigh commercial roof replacement.

Flat Roof Or Low Slope Roof Replacement

If you have a flat or low slope roof on your Raleigh home or commercial space you likely already know the myriad of issues that these types of designs have.  They hold and pool water because of their shape and, therefore, typically need to be replaced more often than other types of roofs. This is all the more reason to keep on top of maintenance and make the decision to replace your Raleigh flat or low slope roof when it is time.  Standing water means these types of roofs need to be repaired or replaced promptly. It is common to find out this type of roof was not installed correctly in the first place–in which case, replacement and/or restoration are usually critical. Like regular roofing, failing to replace a damaged low or flat slope roof in a timely fashion will always cause more expensive and extensive damage.  But, even though water issues mean these roofs need to be replaced more often and at a greater expense–the good news is, low and flat slope roofing materials are often still under warranty. Meaning you may be able to take advantage of that savings for your Raleigh home or business.

United Roofing Pros Raleigh For Quality Roof Replacement

When the time comes for your Raleigh home or commercial roof to be replaced, there truly is no better partner than United Roof Pros in Raleigh.  We know that replacing your roof is a big investment, so we will expertly guide you through the process. The first step in a successful roof replacement is getting a thorough roof inspection.  Understanding the scope of the damage is critical to making sure your next roof performs as it should. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get clear pricing on a roof inspection. 

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