Roof Inspections in Raleigh

Here in Raleigh, we get a lot of rain and humidity so, roofing inspections are a much-needed investment for homeowners in the area.  Usually, these are done twice a year–in the spring and fall after our oftentimes torrential rains. While may be wondering if the cost is worth it, the fact of the matter is– it will ultimately cost you more to not have your roof inspected.  Therefore, finding a trustworthy roofing contractor, to use regularly for roof inspection–is a great idea for many reasons.  

Reasons To Have Your Roof Inspected

  1. It will help you have a consistent report from a trusted expert
  2. It will help you track the changes of your roof over time.  
  3. It will provide you with pictures and written documentation of your roof’s appearance

But there are many other reasons too!

Roofing Inspections Catch Problems While They’re Small

A good amount of roofing repairs come from the need to fix damage from a storm or some other something specific like hail.  But many problems occur slowly over time. The damage may begin with something little like a leaking pipe, or a couple of missing shingles–but given too much time it will turn into something much more.  When these things are found early, they are an easy fix but when problems with roofs are left to fester–they will eventually cause extensive damage. A regular roof inspection helps you avoid future costly repairs or even replacement because it reveals small issues early on and allows you to fix them before they get out of hand.

Roof Inspections  Protect your Raleigh Roof’s Warranty

What a lot of homeowners don’t realize is–nearly every material on your roof is covered by a warranty.  This is meant to protect you, the customer, from needing expensive repairs at no fault of your own. However, in order to keep the warranty valid, most roofing warranties require an annual or biannual roof inspection.  Understandably, you will need to prove these inspections happened. Any reputable roofing company will provide you with the paperwork showing these inspections were done. So, as we mentioned before, be sure to get everything in writing.  This is a service, we at United Roofing Pros Raleigh, happily provide our customers–everything you need to keep your roof’s warranty intact.

Roof Inspections Help You Come Up With A Maintenance Plan

Beyond just catching problems with your roof early, and inspection also allows you a chance to get an idea of “the big picture” when it comes to your roof. For instance, if your flat or low slope roof constantly pools water,  a more aggressive plan to keep standing water at bay may be needed. Or if repairing an aging HVAC system is causing you more in roofing repairs, your roofing contractor. who is familiar with the pattern, may suggest you replace the HVAC as a more cost-effective solution to the constant roof repairs.

United Roofing Pros Raleigh For Your Roof Inspection

Here at United, we know what roofs need to last as long as possible. Our roof inspections are all-encompassing and will give you the specifics you need to make good choices about the care of your Raleigh roof.  From small single-family homes to large multifamily units and towering high rises to small retail locations, we know how to properly look beyond your roof’s exterior to let you know what’s going on. Furthermore, we will establish a care plan for your roof, prove ourselves worthy of becoming your trusted roofing inspection partner.  For more information on roof inspections and how we can provide the documentation you to ensure your warranty or come up with a care plan for your roof, contact us today!

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