Work with All the Premier Roofing Brands for Your Raleigh Home or Business

United Roofing Pros is honored to partner with all the premier roofing brands in order to deliver the most advanced roofing systems for Raleigh homes and businesses. Backed by our incredible product knowledge, we’re proud to offer these great roofing systems that provide beautiful aesthetics and high-performing durability.

GAF Roofing

GAF has been manufacturing home improvements products for homes and businesses throughout Raleigh. With incredible roofing systems and high-end craftsmanship, GAF roofing is an excellent choice for any property.

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TAMKO Roofing

TAMKO differs from other roofing manufacturers since they own many components of their assembly. With industry-leading products that improve comfort, aesthetics, and safety, TAMKO provides a one-of-a-kind solution.

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CertainTeed Roofing

As one of the oldest roofing manufacturers, CertainTeed has been developing roofing systems and building products for over 110 years. Enjoy green roofing solutions for your home or business.

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Owens Corning Roofing

For Raleigh homeowners and business owners looking for sustainable roofing systems, Owens Corning is an excellent option. Their comprehensive selection of roofing products provides beautiful detail and strength.

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Atlas Roofing

Atlas roofing products are great for partial roofing replacement as well as a full replacement. Perfect for residential and commercial properties, Atlas has high manufacturing standards.

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Malarkey Roofing

From vegetative roof systems to SBS-modified roofs, Malarkey provides exclusive roofing products for improving your home or business. They have the right solution for any concern you may have.

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PABCO Roofing

PABCO is a family-owned business that manufacturers high-end asphalt shingles. With incredible product standards, we love recommending PABCO roofing systems for any residential or commercial property.

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IKO Roofing

IKO is another family-owned roofing manufacturer that offers some of the most advanced roofing solutions. With over 60 years of experience, their roofing systems deliver comprehensive protection for Raleigh properties.

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BP Roofing

Building Products of Canada has been the industry leader for many years in roofing. Great for residential properties, BP roofing provides peace of mind for homeowners.

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Polyglass Roofing

Polyglass roofing offers innovative residential and commercial roofing solutions that optimize waterproofing and protection. Enjoy incredible roof coatings that ensure full coverage.

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Tarco Roofing

Tarco offers long-term roofing solutions that can be utilized by homes and businesses. Their entire line of roofing products delivers incredible, high performance.

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Siplast Roofing

Siplast provides industry-leading SBS-modified bitumen waterproofing options for Raleigh commercial properties. Enjoy full protection from the harsh elements.

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