Roofing, like many home improvements, goes through trends. From colors, to function and shapes to materials–tastes change. This year will be no different and we are seeing some pretty cool trends emerging for 2020. This year the changes have more to do with technology than anything else. This is great because it benefits homeowners and roofers both. And, in the long run, it means a better end result all around. Read more about the exciting new roofing trends for 2020 below.

  1. Advanced Software: Technology in the roofing industry has advanced quite a bit in recent years. And, this will continue into 2020. Roofers are increasingly using high-tech roofing apps for everything from leads to software that helps them measure, record, calculate and bid more quickly and accurately. Advanced software also allows roofers to customize nearly any roof to homeowner specifications. Some roofing websites even offer “visualizers” for potential customers to see what their home will look like with new roofing.  
  2. Green Roofs: Although green roofs have been a thing for a while now–2020 looks like a year where they are going to take off. They are eco-friendly and make gorgeous additions to neighborhoods and/or cities. Essentially they make further use of a roof by turning them into gardens. This lowers temperatures inside, keeps in heat during the winter and lowers your Raleigh utility bills. Another bonus– they release oxygen back into the air contributing to fighting greenhouse gases. 
  3. Drones Use: The usefulness of drones seems unlimited and this applies to the roofing industry as well. Roofers can use them to do roof inspections, lowering the chances of injuries or deaths. While This may not seem like something to be concerned about–the statistics say differently. In fact, 17% of all roofing-related fatalities come from falls. As a homeowner, drones help you identify roofing issues early and lower chances of you being liable for a roofing contractor fall.  
  4. Solar Roofs: Another up and coming eco-friendly roofing trend is solar roofing. The panels needed to generate energy are no longer clunky and/or cost-prohibitive. Today’s solar roofs are more low-profile styles than ever before. Plus, they allow you to produce your own energy and, in some cities, sell it back to the grid.

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